Early Childhood Education
Ages 6 weeks to 12 years
Open 6am to 6pm (Chgo Ridge until
Quality schools offering various educational and child care options. Penny Lane plays a major role in guiding children's development
and providing them with experiences that nurture their social, cognitive and physical abilities. Our early childhood education
includes Spanish, Computers, Music and Movement, Phonics, Art, Science, Rhythm instruments, and a P.E curriculum.
Come join the fun and let the learning begin.  Take a look at  some of our most recent Yelp Reviews!
Schools-Nursery and Kindergarten Academic in Chicago Ridge
NO appointment needed for a tour between 8am and 5pm.
We love it here! My daughter has been going here for just
over 2 years now. I can see the bond that she has made with
some of the teachers and her friends, even after she moves
to a new room. So many of the teachers know her name
even though they are not her teacher. Everyone is very
friendly and helpful. I love hearing the stories about her day
when I pick her up. Some days she doesn't want to leave
because she is having so much fun and she doesn't want to
miss out. She has learned so much and I'm amazed when
she says or does something new out of the blue. I definitely
recommend Penny Lane!   - Kristin H.

Orland Park
My daughter and I just love Penny Lane!!!

I was very skeptical having to put my child
into a day care at such a young age. I had
looked at many day cares in the area and
just fell in love with the atmosphere and the
staff at Penny Lane. My daughter has
exceeded my expectations for being in day
care in such a small amount of time, she
has just learned so much. The teachers at
Penny Lane teach, support, and excite the
children about learning.  I have had a few
small issues in the year and a half that my
daughter has attended Penny Lane and all
of them were solved and spoken about the
SAME DAY! I have read a lot about how
parents believe that the tuition is too high
and all I can say is that you get what you
pay for. Every morning when I drop my
daughter off I know she is in good hands
and every day we walk out smiling! I would
and have recommended Penny Lane to
anyone looking for a great day care!!!   -
Katie M.

I have had 2 sons attend this center and I wouldn't
take my kids anywhere else! My 13 year old still
loves coming here for summer camp and my 4 year
old asks every night "Where are we going
tomorrow after breakfast?" When I answer "Penny
Lane" he always gives a big "Yes!" cheer. That
says a lot since he was rather anti social when he
started as a toddler. His teachers have been
wonderful so far (Ms. Diana G., Ms. Lili, Ms. Tasha,
Ms. Vianney, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Tricia, Ms. Aimee,
and Ms. Diana P. I love you guys!) - Lisa S.

I've been sending both my daughters to Penny Lane
School since they were 3 months old. Now 1 and 2
years old I have nothing but great things to say
about this school and all of the professional and
qualified staff that work here.
My experience with all the teachers is nothing but
positive.  They are very loving, kind and go above
and beyond and from my knowledge many have
been there 5 plus years.
I feel my girls are safe and well taken care of which
gives me a great piece of mind while I'm at work.
They serve 3 healthy meals a day, learn Spanish,
have an enriched curriculum and I receive a daily
sheet each day stating the days events. I  feel my
girls are at a higher level than most children their
age because their learning every day. I couldn't be
more great full  for having Penny Lane to send my
girls to. I highly recommend this school!  - Shelley C.

Oak Lawn
I have been sending my son to Penny Lane
in Oak Lawn  for almost two years now and
do not have enough nice things to say about
the place. The staff is exceedingly friendly
and caring. They give my son all the care
and attention I would give him if I were able
to stay home instead of having to work. I
sent my daughter there over the summer for
their summer camp as well and she had a
blast. She will definitely be going back next
summer. Everyone there knows our names
and we are greeted with a big smile every
time we walk through the door. My son has
been in three different rooms now and each
one of his teachers has been great. He
loves them all so much that every time I pick
him up he insists on stopping in each of their
rooms to give them hugs.  This place feels
like more than a day care center. It feels like
an extension of my home. I highly
recommend it. - Liz S.

My two sons attended this Penny Lane
location for nearly two years (until they
aged out). The staff always showed our
boys so much love and compassion. I
always knew my boys were in good Lane,
my oldest who was four year old had not
been potty trained and they really worked
with him to get him potty trained (within
just 2 weeks!). The preschool teacher
was a lifesaver with him. He learned so
much and really became more
well-rounded and truly prepared him for
Kindergarten. My 3 year old learned a lot
of necessary social skills too, preparing
him for his preschool. I really miss seeing
the staff, they became like family! -  
Stephanie B.

Blue Island
Such a great day care center. My
son is in the infant room. Polite,
caring staff always interacting with
the kids and giving them the best
care. They keep great daily records
for how the day goes, good
communication with parents. My son
loves them and is super happy to go
every day.
Wouldn't trust my son with anyone
else! - Jen B.

Oak Lawn
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