Penny Lane School
4527 Southwest Highway
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
PH: 708-424-1335
FAX: 708-424-1445
DIRECTOR: Laura Allison
Penny Lane School
10255 S. Ridgeland Ave
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
PH: 708-425-4233
FAX: 708-425-5215
DIRECTOR: Aimee Robinson
Penny Lane School
Dist. 218
10701 S. Kilpatrick
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
PH: 708-424-2000 ext 2450
DIRECTOR: Amanda Hincks

PH: 708-422-6448
FAX: 708-422-6820

CFO: Sue Rakaus

Director of Programs / Marketing: Melissa Lorentz

Accounts Manager for Chicago Ridge: Barb Renderman

Accounts Manager for Oak Lawn and Dist 218: Diana Gillett
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